Pacifica Kosher Wines


These wines are made exclusively for our kosher distributor Royal Wine Corporation. Royal is the largest distributor of kosher wines in the world.


Phil started making these kosher wines when he was the Winemaker at Spencer Hill under the Goose Bay label. We have had a mutually rewarding relationship with Royal for the past 15 years.


We are not Jewish and bottling and shipping these kosher wines is problematic. As such we choose to have Royal bottle these wines at their winery in California. Washington State laws say that once we have shipped Pacifica wines to Royal for bottling we are not allowed to bring them back to the winery for tasting or sales. They are available at many stores throughout the country that carry a range of Kosher wines. A quick search on Google will usually find the Pacifica wines on line at many liquor stores, some with free shipping.

Mevushal vs Non-Mevushal


For a wine to be mevushal it must be flash pasteurized.


To most trained winemakers this issue is irrelevant. It is no different than a discussion as to whether oak could improve a wine or does filtering make a wine less. Sometimes pasteurization helps (releasing aromatics) and sometimes it hinders (shortens aging ability). Simply put, there are those persons that require these types of wines. We will assist them by supplying some Pacifica wines that we feel are able to undergo this process. Our Oregon Pinot Noir is not mevushal nor is the Washington Meritage. Our Washington Cabernet-Merlot and Riesling is mevushal.